DC Tenants' Rights Center

Law Practice


Member of DC Bar: Yes

Practice Areas:  Landlord/Tenant

Type of Services: Litigation and Transactional

Cases Accepted:  Landlord/Tenant (tenant representation only)

Wheelchair Accessible Office: No

Office Location: 406 5th Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington DC, 20001

Languages: Spanish, French, German

Website: www.dctenants.com

Full Bio

The DC Tenants' Rights Center provides lower-cost, high-quality legal services to DC tenants. (We are the only private law firm in DC that ONLY represents tenants.) We help tenants with a range of issues, including evictions, housing code violations, security deposits, rent control violations, and housing discrimination. We offer unbundled services, including advice, negotiation, help filling out legal forms and preparing for court, and full legal representation in court. 



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Contact Information

Phone: (202) 681-6871

Email:  intake@dctenants.com 

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