Thomas Healy

Law Practice Overview

Member of the DC Bar: Yes

Main Practice Areas: Business Law and Criminal Law Cases

Types of Services: Court Representation and Drafting Documents, Mediation

Cases Accepted: All Criminal Law cases and Post-Conviction Relief,  Civil Protection Order cases, Business Incorporation matters and Business Disputes.

Fixed Fee/Unbundled Services: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible Office: Yes

Office Location: 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 900 South, Washington, DC, 20004

Full Bio


In my over twenty years, I have had extensive experience with business law matters including start-ups, transactions, and negotiations. Currently, my law practice focuses on criminal appellate and trial practice primarily for people of limited financial means, juveniles and immigrants.  I have been appointed by the D.C. Court of Appeals to represent indigent defendants under the Criminal Justice Act. My experience includes providing pre-trial, trial, and post-judgment or conviction services to civil clients and criminal defendants of limited means. I am a counselor and an advocate.  I represent victims of domestic violence in civil protection order cases. My training includes case assessment and advocacy for LGBTQ clients as well as victims of intimate partner domestic violence.

Contact Information

Phone: (202) 638-6956


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